We believe the way forward is to establish a governance committee to support sound decision making and adherence to our mission. This committee will be called on to uncover blindspots, ensure adherence to sound business practices, and hold the board responsible for their promise to move us closer to our mission.

  • Determine rules for members, organizers, events

  • Review committee charters and organization bylaws and make recommendations for any changes in order to correct inconsistencies and bring documents and practices in line with organization mission and values.

What do we expect from members of the governance committee?

  • Be a supportive partner in defining organizational governance, including its structure, culture, processes, and practices.

  • Review budgets, bylaws, and code of conduct

  • Oversee endeavors of other subcommittees to make sure the initiatives align with the organizational mission

  • Contribute at a minimum of 3 hours a month to attend quarterly meetings and contribute to discussions

How is one invited to the governance committee?

We look for those who are:

  • active in the community. For instance, they have given back to the community as a speaker, mentor, volunteer, researcher, and/or organizer

  • have a passion for advancing the field of information architecture

  • have some experience with business or nonprofit operations

Committee Members


Lead, Officer

Grace Lau

Member, Officer

Member, Officer





  • Should all officers be part of the Governance Committee? Yes, the "minimally viable board" is an essential part of the governance committee.

  • How can someone be recruited? Mostly invited and we take nominations.

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