Regional Director Responsibilities

The primary role of a World IA Day Regional Director is to serve as a regional contact working in conjunction with the relevant Directors at large and the Content committee to better serve the region. The Regional Director provides localized advice and feedback on:

  • information dissemination

  • local networking and educational opportunities

  • conduct community outreach with local affiliates (organizers)

  • sharing of World IA Day global policies and materials for sponsorship, mentorship at regional meetings, if applicable

  • share updates about the region with the World IA Day Board of Directors

  • as needed, recruit mentors from local organizations and universities to volunteer their time in helping local event teams and/or mentor

  • devise effective tools and methodologies to engage communities within their region

Other responsibilities include:

  • building an environment of advocacy for not only the World IA Day community within their region but information architecture as a field/discipline, in general

  • identification and outreach to new local affiliates (organizers) to encourage information architecture-relevant events and programming throughout the year

  • encouraging and cultivating leadership at the local affiliate level, as well as opportunities in the regional and global organization

  • identification of organizations with whom World IA Day may consider future collaborations and partnerships and potentially serve as a liaison contact to initiate discussions

Benefits and support

  • Join a global network of regional directors all over the world

  • Network, learn, and exchange ideas with other regional directors

  • Receive online support via our World IA Day communities on Discord, etc

  • View data for all local organizers, speakers, teams within your region

  • Gain access to our resources and guides -- or help us build them

Time commitment and learning more

The Regional Director serves for 2 years. This role is volunteer-based. Names of the Regional Director will be included on the World IA Day website and affiliated tools in recognition of their contributions to World IA Day and its activities.

The usual time commitment varies throughout the year but can be up to 6 hours per week, October through May

Application to nominate:

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